Buyer Advocates

The real estate profession unfortunately doesn’t always enjoy the best of reputations. Fortunately, here in Charlottesville we have a high percentage of excellent real estate agents who put their clients needs first and foremost The top agents have a level of commitment to fulfilling their clients needs that sets them so far apart from the majority of their profession that they should be referred to by another name….perhaps buyer advocates instead of real estate agents. Pictured below with her client is one of those buyer advocates-Deborah Rutter. I can count only twice when a “buyer advocate” suited up and followed me into the crawl space during a home inspection. It is so important to have someone who will be on your side telling you to get that extra inspection or to call the professionals at to check for asbestos. These are things that sometimes potential homebuyers need an extra set of eyes and ears for. That’s the kind of enthusiastic and thorough representation that everyone should have on their side when searching for a home.

Please take the time to find a buyer advocate instead of just a real estate agent. It is without a doubt the single most important decision that you will make in the home buying process-yes…even more important than choosing a thorough home inspector.