Gutters Are Essential

One of my home inspections this past week was of a house that had no gutters on any of the roof pitches. As an inspector, I frequently see a missing gutter or two, but rarely do I see an entire house with any cladding. The consequences of having no gutters were evident everywhere: the siding was rotting in multiple locations; the rear entry door, door frame and sill were rotted; the paint on all of the exterior woodwork was deteriorated and the floor system was rotted and termite infested in one corner. In our wet climate here in Charlottesville, gutters are the single most important feature on the exterior of a house. Gutters need to be installed along every roof eave to prevent the large quantities of water that flow off of the roof from saturating the exterior walls and more importantly the soil supporting the foundation. Without a doubt, the absence of, or the improper installation and maintenance of gutters accounts for the most damage I see on the houses I inspect.