What’s in your crawl space?

All crawl spaces are not created equal. All home inspectors will not fit into best website builders.

I received a phone call last Sunday night and was asked if I would come inspect the crawl space of the house that the caller had under contract. She also stated that there was both a home and small office that was separate from the house. I first quizzed her to find out what types of roofs were on each structure. I then said that I would be happy to, but it would probably be in her best interest if she also had me inspect all of the house above the crawl space too. She meekly said that she had already had the house inspected by another home inspector, but that he wouldn’t go into the crawl space. I was sad to hear that, because it suggested to me that she did not receive a thorough home inspection. I was further disappointed that my schedule was completely full for the upcoming week and that meant that I was not able to help her – having already had one inspection she was very near the end of her contingency period. I would have liked to have seen that crawl space.

Fortunately, I like tight crawl spaces and being on the scrawny side can spelunk my way through most of them. Maybe home inspectors should include their height, width and weight in their profiles so clients can make sure the home inspector they hire will fit into their crawl spaces. The things you find in crawl spaces is amazing! Anything and everything from outdoor blinds to fake plants to God knows what!

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